Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter Exercise Routines – Part II

You don’t have to move too far from home for great winter fitness ideas. Take a cue from “Jack The Dog” on his treadmill --

This was too cute to pass up, but all kidding aside. You may choose to invest in fitness equipment for your home, but “invest” is a good word here. Quality equipment is not inexpensive. It is not uncommon to spend thousands of dollars for a quality treadmill. My advice to you would be to do some extensive research and shopping before settling in toward a purchase in this area.

Some other ideas that might be less expensive than investing in home fitness equipment –

The Wii Fit -- is fast becoming a popular indoor fitness activity among adults.

What about some video workouts? Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons made fortunes with these workouts and many of them are worthwhile. Here’s a link to a library of workout videos available for purchase online -- Heck, even Angelina is working out with video, check it out --

If you don’t want to invest in videos, consider FitTV -- -- if it’s available through your cable or satellite provider. I found an early-morning program on FitTV to be useful for me in a training program I was pursuing two years ago.

Don’t despair – even though it’s cold outside, you can still stay in shape inside. I have some other thoughts that I will share on staying in shape for the winter as we move forward into the season.

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