Monday, November 3, 2008

Maybe It’s Time To Try One Of Those Fitness Classes

While we may be “fitness warriors”, the extreme elements of winter in the Midwest often make us “fitness wimps” and force us inside for our training activities.

Moving your training activities inside offers a great opportunity to vary your routine with some fitness classes. Most health clubs offer a tremendous variety of fitness classes from spinning to yoga to pilates. There are numerous aerobics classes with varying levels of activities along with lower impact “water aerobic” programs if your facility has a pool.

Jennifer Veak is a fitness instructor at Prairie Life Health and Fitness in West Des Moines. She promotes the value of participating in group fitness. “It’s a great opportunity to train muscles in your body that may not be receiving as much attention from your regular fitness activities,” Veak says.

Veak also sees the value of meeting new like-minded fitness gurus through participation in classes. “So many of my students have gone on to train and socialize together that group fitness really can be rewarding and a lot of fun,” she said.

Next time you’re at your health club, ask for information about its group fitness program offerings.

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