Saturday, November 29, 2008

Running In The Rain

Runners – those crazy people. Running around in traffic, in wind, in cold and even rain and snow! I feel the heat of the stares from people in cars whenever I’m running in foul weather.

Beyond wind, rain is probably my least favorite weather condition to be running or training in. If I wanted to get wet, I’d be in the pool! Anyway, that doesn’t mean I don’t run when it rains and you can take some steps to perform better in rainy weather.

Check out this post from Anne Valente to learn some tips for running in the rain --

Her first suggestion is the same that I would offer – layer your clothing. As it gets colder and it rains, it just gets colder. Wet and cold – generally not a good outdoors combination.

Invest in a good rain-resistant running jacket. Any good sporting goods store can suggest a jacket that will do the trick.

My other suggestion for running in the rain would be to throw extra clothes in your gym bag. If I run from my health club, I’ll need dry clothing to change into for either a weight workout or moving on to the rest of my day’s activities.

Soon, we won’t be talking much about rain where I live. It’s better to be writing about rain over snow any day!

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