Monday, February 2, 2009

Check Out Arbonne – Win $100 Worth Of Product!

My good friend Nessa Doria is a representative for Arbonne products. I told her I’d be glad to devote a post to educate readers about Arbonne’s products and philosophy.

I think it’s exciting this company takes such a “natural” approach to its products. Arbonne products are botanically-based – blending science and nature, based on herbal and botanical principals; hypoallergenic (voluntary human testing meets hypoallergenic substantial claim criteria); never tested on animals in the company's 29 years of existence and formulated without any animal products or by-products. All products are certified “vegan”. Plants and herbs together with science and technology offer superior benefits.

Here are some examples of Arbonne products that are useful to athletes --

Bio-Nutria® Joint Formula - Help support healthy joint functioning with Arbonne’s Joint Formula that includes glucosamine sulfate.

Bio-Nutria® Herbal Muscle Massage Gel - Heat, soothe and relieve tired, aching muscles and joints associated with minor exercise injury or arthritis with this massage gel.

Nessa says these products are great for those aches and pains from training. She has clients who use them for carpal tunnel pain in their wrists, tennis elbow, sore knees, aching backs and necks. The muscle massage gel is very concentrated and a little goes a long way. It has a nice fresh scent.

Daily Power Packs for Women - A balanced, power-packed combination of multi-vitamin and multi-mineral tablets that work to address women’s specific health concerns every day.

The daily Power Packs for women contain six supplements
1. 1 mulitvitamin tablet
2. 1 multimineral tablet
3. 2 calcium tablets
4. 1 superfood antioxidant tablet
5. 1 digestive enzyme tablet

Daily Power Packs for Men - A balanced, power-packed combination of multi-vitamin and multi-mineral tablets that work to address men’s specific health concerns every day.

Daily Power Packs for Men includes six supplements
1. 1 multivitamin tablet
2. 2 multimineral tablets
3. 1 prostrate formula
4. 1 superfood antioxidant
5. 1 digestive enzyme tablet

The SeaSource Detox spa products help stimulate, strengthen and support the body’s ability to release toxins and remineralize our skin. If you swim and workout often, these products are a necessity. Toxins are trapped on your skin when you sweat. So if your dry-fit workout gear seems to not get clean in the wash, these products will definitely help take the stink out of your sweat.

So that's a little introduction to Arbonne. Now, here’s your chance to win -- Comment about any Arbonne product by 6 p.m. CST tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 3) and we’ll hold a drawing for a $100 Arbonne gift certificate from among the eligible comment posters. Watch for the drawing results to be posted Wednesday evening.

2 comments: said...

That herbal muscle massage gel certainly sounds nice right now, my quads are so sore after yesterday's trail run!

Thanks for introducing me to another new company. I look forward to browsing their site and looking at the product line. I love finding new stuff (now if only I had unlimited funds to spend on all the things I find!).

Rachel said...

My massage therapist loves the massage gel! She even gave it some other massage therapists who love it. It's a HOT gel, though.