Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don’t Cut Back Fitness In Times Of Stress

None of us can say we aren’t just a bit stressed out these days.

These uncertain economic times have brought on a variety of unusual circumstances. Personally, I’ve had an number of friends who have lost jobs or who have experienced layoffs at their place of employment. Additionally, many employers are requiring more from their employees. It is odd to think that at this time two years ago, these types of issues where nowhere near as pervasive in our economy.

Resist the temptation to allow stress become an excuse for decreasing your fitness activities. Remember, if nothing else, your time for fitness is YOUR time. It belongs to no one else and it’s your time to decompress, breathe better and make yourself better overall.

As activities in my family have increased with growing children, I find that I have to wake up early to complete my fitness and training activities. It’s very relaxing at this time of day because it is quiet and less bustling. My training is truly my BIGGEST outlet for stress relief.

If economic times have forced you to cut back on spending associated with fitness, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a walk, run or workout video that curbs costs. Or maybe it’s time to consider the YMCA instead of the fancy health club you’ve belonged to for umpteen years. The YMCA is the most affordable health center on Earth and they are EVERYWHERE (even when you travel). Find the location closest to you at

This post from Nancy Howard at offers more helpful information on how fitness relieves stress in these current times --

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