Sunday, February 15, 2009

Volunteer For Spring Youth Sports

It’s that time again! I get excited about the snow melting and the green of the trees and grass just around the corner.

I don’t get excited about recruiting volunteers so much though. I’ve preached about this in the past, but it’s worth repeating. Your children's spring and summer sports leagues are in desperate need of volunteer coaches.

Having spent quite a few hours over the past few weeks recruiting coaches for our local spring youth baseball program, it makes me think that it shouldn’t be this hard to identify quality volunteers to fill these roles.

Don’t parents want to spend quality time with their children? Believe me, this is quality time spent when you’ll be giving back to your community AND learning more about your child and who he or she socializes with.

So you don’t know much about the sport in which your child participates? Can you type “Google” on your computer or spend a little time in the local public library? These are easy ways to become quickly educated about drills in a particular sport. Can you find a field, a time and use e-mail? Most communication with team families occurs through e-mail. It’s not that hard.

When that call or e-mail comes over the next few weeks requesting folks to "step up" and coach, please give it strong thought. Trust me, my efforts over the past few weeks tell me “your country needs you!”

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