Monday, February 23, 2009

Motivation To Get Started With Running

Most people ask me, “How in the hell do you run as much as you do?”

What my acquaintances don’t know is that I don’t run near the distance many endurance runners travel per week. I will usually do in the neighborhood of 20 to 30 miles per week. However, it’s not unusual for a runner in marathon training to run 60-plus miles a week.

I’ll just be honest. I’m completely at peace with the fact that at 43 years old, running is not the most optimal exercise for me – all the time. That’s the key. While I love to run, there are other activities to use to support my running abilities. That’s why I enjoy occasionally doing triathlons.

I digress.

Let’s assume that you enjoy running as much as I do or you would like to try and find out how much you enjoy running as a form of regular exercise. I stumbled upon this list that should be helpful to runners just getting started at This post is actually listed at the Complete Running Blog Network and it lists the top 100 things a beginning runner should know --

It’s going to touch 50 degrees this week, so give a run some thought!

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