Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Too Late To Get Fit For New Year

Well, I'm back. Just needed a few days away from the blog.

It’s hard to believe, but January has past. Gone. History. January 2009 is nothing more than the past now.

So, maybe you’re thinking, “Geez, I just couldn’t get my butt in gear and join a health club the way I had planned.” Or perhaps the mantra is a little more like, “I just ignored that New Year’s resolution of using the treadmill four times a week.”

No fear. It’s really not too late. It’s NEVER too late to start a fitness program, lose weight or just get yourself back into shape. In the immortal words of my favorite fitness brand, “Just do it!”

Maybe you need a little nudge.

If it helps, many health clubs are still offering incentives for membership in the new year. I know my health club is still offering its “no initiation fee” special. Check it out at When I attended the Iowa Energy basketball game the other night, the Gold’s Gym folks were giving away all types of membership-related prizes. They also have some other promotions available that you can check out at

So even though your lazy, bad self didn’t get moving in January, there’s plenty of incentive available for starting NOW!

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Sara said...

You are right on with this, Joe! It is never too late to start or try something new.

I am also learning it is fine to take time off as sickness and family constraints come up.

Just make it a goal to be active every day. Something active. Every day. That is manageable.