Thursday, June 4, 2009

Do You Have Will Power?

Many of you are seeing that first day of summer creeping up on the calendar and thinking about breaking out a bathing suit.

So, if you’re exercising to lose weight – GOOD for you! Are you dieting too? Might be a good idea. Common sense dictates that physical fitness combined with a healthy diet makes for that weight loss we all crave!

I’ve written about several training activities and healthy food alternatives, but do you have the will power to resist the foods that might be yummy, yet not healthy? There are some strategies you can use on this front.

Distraction is a key way to avoid those snacky, high-calorie food items. If someone breaks out a batch of cookies or donuts, perhaps you can engage in activities designed to keep you away from the “feedbag table”.

Exercise should provide inspiration to be healthier in your eating habits. I know I regularly resist high-fat, high-calories foods because I don’t want to counteract my fitness activities.

To me, results are the best resistance against temptation toward eating less healthy foods. Once you see the RESULTS of your efforts, you’re less likely to stray away from health. I thought this post from Ted Spiker at offered some additional advice on avoiding food cravings --

Good luck!

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