Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yes - Clean Baseball Park Restrooms!

Okay, taking a little break here just to vent and offer some well-deserved kudos. If you’re a baseball parent, you probably get as frustrated as I do when the park restrooms are an absolute mess. However, when I visited the James Cownie Baseball Complex in southeast Des Moines last night, I was pleasantly surprised at how well these restrooms were kept up.

Having traveled the country to a variety of baseball and football tournaments, I have encountered my share of filthy – and clean -- restrooms.

I don’t understand why there can’t be a better job done of focusing on this issue. Think about it – if you have hundreds or thousands of players and families descending upon your community or facility for a tournament – just about all of them will visit the bathroom. Wouldn’t it make sense to make a great impression by cleaning up the “johns”? Think too that parents always want their children exposed to as few germs as possible.

It’s not easy work, but it’s “doable” work. The staff at the James Cownie Park in Des Moines has it right! Hopefully, others will follow this example.

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Mark said...

Man I miss ball! I was by the park yesterday and a legion tourney was going on. I was thinking about maybe umping, or something Clean restrooms are a rarity.