Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Famous Baseball Players You May Have Never Heard Of

Bryce Harper. Stephen Strasburg.

Ever heard of these guys? Not exactly household names like Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter, but give them time.

Unless you’re a true baseball aficionado, chances are you’ve never heard of these two stars. If you have boys who play baseball, ask them who they are. The likely answer you will get will be “Oh yeah, I saw that dude on SportsCenter or YouTube. He’s AWESOME!”

Bryce Harper is a high school baseball player in the Las Vegas area. He pitches, catches and he bats. And does he throw and bat! He’s been clocked at 96 miles per hour and he’s hit a 570-foot home run. Yes, I wrote 570 feet. It’s not a typo. Harper recently has made headlines by choosing to forgo high school, test for a GED and move on to junior college baseball. Sports Illustrated recently wrote that golf has Tiger Woods, basketball has LeBron James and now baseball has Bryce Harper. Check him out -- http://tinyurl.com/pp8z9n.

Stephen Strasburg was just selected first in the recent Major League Baseball draft by the Washington Nationals. This San Diego State Aztec pitcher has attracted scouts of like ants to a picnic with his 100-mile-plus pitches. He is reportedly seeking a six-year $50 million contract. Check Strasburg out at -- http://tinyurl.com/d5sbq3.

Chances are that we will be hearing MUCH more about these two baseball phenoms in the years to come.

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