Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Reason Not To Take Time Off When Traveling

Okay, okay. I know I sometimes repeat myself. Or maybe I sound like your pastor on Sundays. But I think this point is worth repeating . . . again.

Today, my point – AGAIN – is “don’t use travel as an excuse to take time off from your fitness activities.” That being said, if you’re using a trip or some well-deserved vacation to rest that weary and overworked body, that’s awesome. However, as I travel, I make it a challenge to myself to find new running routes or ways to work out on the road.

This past weekend’s travels to Chicago to visit my sisters proved my point. My youngest sister helped me find a trail out in the Oak Brook area for a 10-mile run that was a great diversion from my normal routine. Normally, I wouldn’t expect a scenic route like this in suburban Chicago, but these trails are everywhere in the area.

Another short run provided a much different backdrop as I ran in my other sister’s North Shore neighborhood near the campus of Loyola University. The truly urban route offers another great diversion for me as I pass many different faces (as opposed to just two to four on an early morning run in suburban West Des Moines) with the sounds of the big Chicago air show in the background.

Take advantage of these opportunities to run, ride or exercise in surroundings that are different. It’s refreshingly exciting! Heck, I even saw a sign for a place just off Lake Shore Drive for an outdoor spin class. Look around – the opportunities are endless in new places!

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