Friday, September 4, 2009

As You Age, You Have To Let Go Of Winning

This article came a little too close to home. For the guy who doesn’t win ANYTHING, but still works to get faster and succeeds at age 43, this was an “eye-opener”.

Had to share this from Kevin Helliker in the Wall Street Journal as it explores the issue of endurance athletes and aging. Helliker argues that after the age of 50, athletes need to let go of the will to win if they want to stay healthy.
As a person who has struggled with age and injuries, I totally understand Helliker’s argument. But I’m still cranking out personal bests in triathlon and half marathon events. Eventually, that will subside, but at least you can hope to compete heavily with your age class.

In any event, Helliker shares some great insight in his article based on his experience in the recent Chicago Triathlon. Check it out at
Going to take a few days off to enjoy the holiday weekend, so you do the same!


Mark said...

Good article, but a little sad because of the reality of it..I'm 54 and the times are much slower than in my heyday. Yet I still beleive I can get faster

kara said...

Interesting article... I like the concept of trying out different challenges.
The last line was quintessential!