Saturday, September 26, 2009

Try A Spin Class For A Change

If you’ve been walking, running or dutifully performing another form of exercise, maybe you’re ready for a change of scenery as the weather turns cool. Try a spin class as a way to vary up your routine.

Spinning is a group fitness class where participants ride on stationary bikes to the cadence and directions offered by an instructor. You can do long and slow intervals, fast sprints, hills and other forms of exercise on the bike. There are a variety of benefits attached to the spin workout.

First, you might meet some like-minded training friends. I have really benefited from meeting new training “buddies”. I first met a variety of training buddies at my gym by attending spin classes.

Spinning is also easier on your body. Bike-related exercise involves less impact and less stress on your joints and muscles.

If you are looking to burn calories, spinning serves this purpose as well. Experienced “spinners” can burn up to 600 calories in an hour of spinning.

Finally, the workout is all your own. You can adjust your cadence and resistance to suit YOUR needs.

This post from Nicole Nichols at gives more helpful information about the benefits of spinning. Check it out at

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