Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Bodies Communicate In Odd Ways

While nursing the tendinitis in my knee, I think I’m learning that the body does communicate very clearly – but sometimes in ways we don’t like!

I should have figured this out last year when the same type of problem affected my right knee as I was training for triathlons and races. As it ended up, I had to forgo the tri events and stick to some running events later in the year.

This year, it appears the exact opposite is the case. Tendinitis in the opposite knee AFTER I completed a series of triathlons at the expense of skipping out on the some fall race events that I really enjoy. I think the point of what my body is telling me is – “Take it easy, Joe. One event at a time!”

Certainly, I’m desperate for my long run and bike workouts with my good friends. However, I’ve taken on some new activities that have given me some new opportunities to work out peacefully on my own and give my body a break. More swimming, rowing and handbiking activities are keeping me busy!

This post from serves as a reminder to us about the risks associated with “overtraining” --

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Mark said...

Sounds good Coach!