Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's The Hubbub About Lolo?

Lolo Jones. Olympic athlete. Naked. What’s the problem?

I’ll first admit that I am a true fan of this gracious athlete. However, any criticism of her recent nude pose in the ESPN magazine is unwarranted at best. If you take the time to review the entire piece, it’s a very tasteful spread of photos highlighting the amazing nude bodies of numerous elite athletes.

Can we all just be adults for crying out loud?

I listened to an interview with Lolo Thursday afternoon on a popular local sports radio program and she seemed very distraught over criticism she’d received for posing in this series of photos. Any critique of this woman for participation in this feature appears completely irrelevant to me.

When you look at the facts, I’m not seeing how this media coverage of a positive role model and Olympic athlete from our community isn’t a great thing.

If you know Lolo’s story, you know she’s nothing but class. Give it a rest and let this young woman be the great ambassador that she can be for our community. Check out this feature on for yourself --

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