Monday, January 4, 2010

A Run In The Snow

Sometimes I really LOVE running in the snow.

Since I've been down with tendinitis in my left knee, I haven't been running much at all. Anything I've been doing has been indoors lately, which drives me crazy! As I visited my sister in Chicago, it gave me an opportunity to get outdoors on the streets.

It was chilly, a little windy and a light snow was falling, but it was great to be on the outside. I'm able to split some running and walking, so I did about four to five miles in about an hour. I actually find running in a light snow very relaxing. It's especially fun when you're running in different surroundings you enjoy.

So, while we've been down with a little crappy weather in the Midwest, there is still room to have a good run outdoors from time to time.

1 comment:

DB (D1, Mighty B, TG 40) said...

Certainly a silver lining! Hope your injury heals quickly.