Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Learn More About CrossFit

The story of Hector Delgado is not only inspirational, but it also serves to teach about another great fitness program.

As a Navy corporal, Delgado suffered terrible injuries in 2003. His weight ballooned and he was looking for ways to get himself back into shape. One of his friends mentioned a vigorous cross-training routine called CrossFit. He mentioned it was often used by military special forces.

CrossFit was designed in the 1980s by California trainer Greg Glassman. Delgado was enticed by the workout's intensity and variety, and liked the camaraderie of the exercisers.
He now works out five times a week and keeps a strict eating regime. His 5-foot-6 frame is down to 149 pounds, and he now has the strength to walk short distances unassisted.
Check out James Wagner's piece from the Wall Street Journal on this great story -

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