Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shaking Things Up

Let's face it, we all get into our own little "training ruts".

We're guilty of consistently running the same routes, doing the same exercise classes, using the same weight machines, etc. Human nature dictates that when you "find a groove" in a routine that's comfortable, you stick with it! But you defeat the purpose of making your body more fit in this circumstance because it becomes too efficient at doing the activities you're pursuing.

That's why I found this post by Iron Mom to be a great inspiration toward eliminating the classic case of "training rut" -- The author shares her experience of doing a run/exercise routine with some "muddy buddies" at a local disc golf course.

This morning, one of my training pals told me she was going to spend the afternoon snowshoeing or sledding at a local golf course known for its big hills. What a great idea! Here in Iowa, we've had snow, lots of snow, on the ground since before Christmas.

So, if you're stuck in the snow, here's a great opportunity to mix up your training routine with some fun new activities. Check into cross-country skiing as well.

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