Monday, February 1, 2010

What About A Half-Marathon?

So, let's assume for a moment that about a month ago, you made yourself some promises. These promises you make to yourself are referred to as "New Year's resolutions".

If you're like most people, you don't usually meet all of your New Year's resolution goals. But there is still plenty of time. Let's assume for moment that one of your resolutions was to run a marathon. Let's further assume that you're in shape, but you've never run in a race event beyond a 10K. Well, maybe you can reconsider your resolution and compete in a half-marathon.

The half-marathon event is much more manageable than a marathon. It doesn't require the same amount of training miles, time or "wear and tear" on muscles and joints.

This post from Christine Luff at offers some guidance for half-marathon training preparation. If you're worried you're not going to be able to meet that marathon new year goal, check this out as the next best alternative.

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