Monday, August 30, 2010

Probably Not What You Want To Hear About Fair Food

We're all adults here, so you can handle the bad news when delivered.

Hopefully, we're all not living in a fantasy world either. So, we know that when we visit our local county or state fair, the likelihood of finding anything healthy to eat is pretty low.

We're in the heart of "fair" season. Nobody enjoys the Iowa State Fair more than me, but I know I'm not likely to eat very healthfully when I visit our beloved state fair. In fact, after reading Martha Edwards article posted on, you may be surprised to learn just how unhealthy fair and carnival food can be.

In the end, most of us know that we go to the fair to have fun and enjoy ourselves. After all, we're not attending because it's a "health food" fair. However, knowing some of the consequences of eating these foods might keep us from "going overboard" or guide us in the direction of using a little restraint the next time we attend our favorite fair event.

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