Thursday, October 20, 2011

Older Athletes Make Strides

When you consider the "comebacks" of older athletes like Janet Evans, I can't help but think what all of us can achieve as we age if we put our minds to it.

Olympic swimmer Janet Evans is the latest in a list of 40-plus athletes working to make a "comeback" in their sports. USA Today's Janice Lloyd chronicled Evan's work in a recent story that also highlights how many aging athletes are still able to accomplish a lot.

Of course, you're thinking by its nature, swimming offers the opportunity for this type of activity because it's not as hard on your body as other sports. Certainly, this may be the case. The point I would make is that even though most of us are not world class athletes, there's no limit to when one can pursue fitness activities as a way to keep themselves healthy.

If Janet Evans and others are doing it in their 40s, there's no reason whatsoever why any of us shouldn't be out looking for ways to get ourselves moving.

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