Sunday, May 1, 2011

Boot Camps "Kick Your Butt"

I see many people running to these "boot camps" in order to get "instantly fit and slim".

Somehow the thought of the word "instantly" coupled with "fit" and "slim" is a bit of an oxymoron. There really is no way to become fit or drastically lose weight overnight. I think that's what some of these boot camp-type facilities try to sell.

Additionally, I believe it can pose a health risk to jump into a highly intense training program without some preparation.

This being said, the Kosamas of the world have their place in fitness. I know many people who supplement their routine with visits to a boot camp-type workout each week. This certainly makes sense. An intense, fast-paced aerobic workout is a great way to mix things up in your routine.

This article from Juice provides some of the features of many of our local facilities in the Des Moines area. Check it out.

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