Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are Active Kids Happier Or Healthier?

This is an interesting topic subject to endless debate.

Stumbling upon the blog of journalist Mark Hyman; who regularly writes about parents, children and youth athletic activities, shed some interesting information about this issue. Hyman cites a recent study that seems to suggest while active children may be happier, they may not necessarily be healthier in life. You can learn more of the details by logging on to his blog at and draw your own conclusions.

I know I can speak from my own subjective experience that my children and my family are happier as a result of athletic activities. Because the members of our family regularly participate in a variety of physical fitness activities, it brings us together in an effort toward supporting one another. In my mind, this practice has made us all closer.

The big difference maker for our family is that each of us is doing what we enjoy – no one is forced into a sport, training or physical fitness endeavor we don’t want to do. We’re each passionate about our endeavors and that passion becomes infectious in our activities to follow one another at a game, tournament or race event.

I’m certainly not na├»ve enough to think that some families observe our busy schedule and wonder, “How the heck do the Hrdlickas keep that up?” Sometimes we wonder that among ourselves, but I think we all recognize that supporting one another in our objectives and learning to meet goals has made us happier – and STRONGER as a family!

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Robin said...

I'm with you, I know that in my family our kids are both healthier and happier as a result of their activities.

But I think so much has to do with WHY the kids are involved in these activities. Something freely chosen or pursued as a passion is much more likely to result in a lifetime of fitness.

On the other hand, most of the people I swam with in college do not ever get in a swimming pool anymore, which is mind-boggling to me. I think they were swimming competitively for scholarships, or to please their parents or whatever. I was swimming because I loved to swim, and I still love to swim so the health benefits continue.

I'm pretty sure that my kids will live a lifetime of fitness, because they love what they do.