Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bosu Ball Exercises Great For A Change Of Pace

So go ahead; be like everyone else and ask the question – “What in the hell is a bosu ball?”

I get that a lot when I talk about using a bosu ball for exercise purposes. The folks at the BOSU company tout it this way – “The BOSU® acronym stands for ‘Both Sides Utilized,’ and has evolved beyond the original BOSU® Balance Trainer product. It now represents an approach to exercise that is more mindful than traditional training.”

It’s essentially a half of an “ab fit” ball fitted into a hard plastic base. The resulting product can be run up on, sat up on, jumped on and on and on and on. Check it out on the product’s website --

I find it to be a great tool to use to do cardiovascular exercise in an “out of the box” fashion. It really forces you to use muscles that probably don’t normally receive as much attention in your traditional workouts. Plus, it represents a true change in your routine. Finally, with outdoor activities limited in the winter months, bosu is a great indoor alternative.

If you belong to a health club with group fitness activities, ask if a bosu class is available. You can purchase these at Target for $75 to $100 when they are on sale if you just want to try it at home.

Check out YouTube for some interesting bosu workouts – -- and give it a try today!

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