Thursday, January 1, 2009

Staying In Shape In The Offseason

I’m back and glad to be back! Wow – 80 degree warmth in Texas sure made it difficult to return home to Iowa, but here we are!

As any of you who live in the Upper Midwest know, it’s hard to stay focused on training activities with our often harsh winters. Moving through the winter, I’ll try to post some tips for keeping fit during the holidays, traveling or just plain “blah”-type weather.

But it’s the New Year – make an effort to start a training activity that helps you meet a certain fitness goal.

For starters, Christine Luff recently posted some informative pointers about how much physical fitness activity will keep you fit in the offseason --

To identify fitness activities that are ideal while we’re struggling with “cabin fever”, the possibilities are endless. There are cardio fitness machines for the home, health clubs, workout videos and other tools available to help us elevate our heart rates through the winter. Even a simple BOSU ball is an easy tool to use for all type of cardio exercises.

Hopefully, this information gets you started on thinking about what activities might be best suited for you. I could write for a long time about the various tools available on this front, but I’ll spare you and gradually share these ideas in future entries as we move through the winter.

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Rachel said...

Hi, love the BOSU ball for strength training and a jump rope for cardio for cheap alternatives for home gym equipment.
btw- love Arbonne sunscreen but the Mission products work great for my kids and hubby. and the anti-chaf is a great product to try!