Monday, January 26, 2009

Resist Super Bowl Eating “Binge”

The annual rite of the winter tradition we refer to as the “Super Bowl” usually means gatherings and parties. And gatherings and parties usually spell the potential for a post-new year eating “binge”.

If you’ve been making post-new year strides with fitness and weight loss, use some strategies to resist this temptation. First off, a good early-day workout will make you feel good about yourself and less willing to pillage through the snack table. Second, make sure to eat a healthy meal heavy with protein before leaving for the Super Bowl party. This strategy will make you less hungry and less likely to want to binge. Finally, there are usually some healthier options available at these gatherings such as veggies, chips and salsa, etc.

If you eat healthier foods and exercise some discretion with your portions, you should be in good shape! For more suggestions on healthy Super Bowl eating, check out Kristen Seymour’s post on --

We’re going to try something new here – be watching next Monday. I’m going to make a post where you can comment and have a chance to win a FABULOUS prize. Stay tuned for details.


Fit Mommy said...

Looks like some yummy fruits and veggies.

Anonymous said...

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kara said...

I'm planning taco salads. With more lettuce and beans than cheese!
Go Steelers!