Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ahh . . . Spring Is Coming!

I’m hearing 60-degree weather this week. In the immortal words of that famous super spy Austin Powers – Yeah, baby!

Spring sports are upon us. Take the children out and throw the baseball around or kick the soccer ball. What about a little “old school” hope using the bucket at your favorite neighborhood park?

My sons and I are movie buffs, so we’ll have a hard time tomorrow afternoon choosing between one of our two favorite activities – catching a flick or hitting balls at Holiday Park. (I know what my vote is, but the boys have had a LOT of practice already this week indoors). Perhaps we’ll do both.

What weather for a bike ride! Take the kids out on the trail or clip up and head out for 20 miles or so.

What about a run? It was 30 degrees this morning, but it felt like a spring thaw on our eight-mile run this morning. Running with three of my friends, we had a GREAT rush! Certainly you can find a training activity for outdoors this week.

Whatever you do, just make time to spend some time with friends and family outdoors this week. It could become habit-forming!

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Mark said...

I'm ready for Spring!! Things are bloomin' out down here!