Friday, March 6, 2009

Some Healthy Food Alternatives

I fully admit that I’m not a dietician.

I won’t even pretend to be one because I too often take the attitude “with the training I do, I should be able to eat whatever I want.” However, I’m over 40 now and I take medication for high cholesterol and I have to watch my blood sugar. Additionally, I have a history of heart issues in my family. So while I have my share of splurges, I try to keep as healthy as possible for the most part.

From time to time, I enjoy hearing about what people use as healthy alternatives in their food habits. Well, here are just a few that I try to use regularly –

Cottage cheese-two percent (instead of bread or other starchy side item). The two percent still has good flavor and the protein benefits fill you up!

Hummus or salsa (instead of French onion dip). I dare you to challenge your pallet with the variety of flavors now available with these two products.

Beef jerky or cup of yogurt (instead of some junk-laden snack). Again, a variety of flavor options available with these healthy, high-protein snacks.

“Jazzed” Popcorn – 100-calorie bag of popcorn flavored with half teaspoon of cumin, half teaspoon of garlic powder and half teaspoon of chili powder – (instead of buttered popcorn). You can’t beat “blast o’ butter” popcorn, but this is a tasty and much healthier option.

Black beans (instead of rice, potatoes or other starchy side). If you haven’t tried black beans, you owe it to yourself to see if you enjoy the flavor. You may not even want to experiment with seasoning.

Celery sticks with light blue cheese and drizzled hot sauce (instead of chicken wings). Well, maybe this one is a stretch because no one likes hot wings, ranch and a cold beer more than me! However, maybe give this a try once in a while.

These last two came from a “Weekly Spark” on at Lots more healthy eating tips where these came from.


Rachel said...

Those are some good ideas. Like the celery one and the salsa one. Always forget to use salsa on stuff. Love black beans too!

Scott Carpenter said...

Also: olive oil on popcorn is delicious and a good way to get healthy oil into your diet.