Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have You Thought About “Trying A Tri”? – Part I

Triathlon. Most people are intimidated by this word. You don’t have to be. Use the word “tri” for short and it’s much less daunting.

Seriously, if you’ve been engaged in a consistent program for more than a year that has involved running, spinning, swimming or other aerobic activity, this event is not as hard as you think. And now is the time to give it serious consideration.

As spring begins, it’s the perfect time to look at a 10 to 18-week program that will get you through to an event in June, July or August. Currently, I’m training for an Olympic distance triathlon – the HyVee Triathlon held here in Des Moines. It’s a fantastic event!

I’m going to write out some thoughts and ideas on this topic in my next few posts. However, if you’re serious about considering this event, the web has wonderful tools and resources to get you started. I found this post on by Kristen Seymour to be a good place to start. Check it out --

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