Monday, March 9, 2009

Try This “Catch The Rabbit” Drill For Fun In Your Run

Living in Central Iowa has its upside. But it has its downside too.

For example, if you’re a runner, you never know when you’ll be able to safely run outside during the winter months. A group of my running friends have been foiled the last three Saturdays by a snowstorm, blistering cold wind and most recently a horrible thunderstorm. However, misery breeds creativity!

We developed a fun drill that can be done indoors if your health club features a small track. Each of us ran approximately a mile (everybody runs when the first runner completes a mile or you can set it up so that you run when the last runner reaches a mile) on the treadmill, then you hit the track for a mile. The faster runners move ahead in an effort to “lap” or catch the slower runners.

I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking this is pretty easy on one of those small, health club tracks. Not so fast. If your slower running friends have any dignity at all, they will make it difficult for the faster runners to catch them. Thus, the drill results in a challenge for both slower and faster runners.

Return to the treadmill for a mile after you finish the “catch the rabbit” drill on the track. Repeat the drill as often as desired to fit your training needs. This exercise builds so much fun and competition, as many as six miles are behind you in no time!

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