Thursday, March 26, 2009

Get Started With Running

Spring has sprung!

Well, at least in some places it has. Of course. I live in Central Iowa and it’s the end of March. So, that’s still pretty iffy weatherwise around here.

Enough about the weather. I will say that the approach of warmer weather always inspires interest in healthy outdoor activities. Running is certainly an easy activity to take up as the weather warms up. All you need are your feet, some running shoes, shorts and a shirt (okay, maybe a hat and sunglasses too!).

I thought the following post by Benson Yeung at offered some great pointers on getting started with a running program. I can’t stress enough his first two points. Get a complete physical exam and don’t skimp on a solid, comfortable pair of running shoes.

If you’re a little further along in a running program, you may find the following post interesting by Runner’s World’s Yishane Lee through at It offers “10 Rules of Running”.

Hopefully, these articles will give you a little spring in your step as the weather makes healthy outdoors activities more desirable.


Benson Yeung 楊 國輝 said...

Hi Joe,
thanks for referring to my article. You've got yourself a great blog in here.

Mark said...

I'm going to print the ten rules for running. Good stuff! Thanks Coach. How about them Tigers!!