Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reaching Plateaus

If you have been active in fitness activities and dieting for a prolonged period of time, chances are you are wondering how you can be better. After any more than six months in a particular routine, you may start to ask yourself questions like - How can I lose more weight? How can I tone up? How can I get faster?

This is a very normal progression of development, particularly if you have just recently started your fitness and/or nutrition program. You've been disciplined, you've worked out four to five times a week, you've dieted as prescribed and you're pleased with the results. But now, you want more!

It's a natural inclination to want to build on your initial positive results, but you'll probably have to change up your routine. Once our bodies get adjusted to a certain routine and diet, you will not burn as many calories because you get too efficient at what you've been doing.

The following articles from and offer some great strategies as to how you can easily change your fitness and nutrition activities for even better results! Check out this post from Leslie Goldman of Runner’s World -- and this post on “plateau busters from Nicole Nichols --

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Mark said...

Coach, I've hit that plateau with the weight. Even though I'm running high miles I can't get that last five lbs off! Thanks for the articles.