Sunday, August 22, 2010

Value What You Take For Granted

I wrote recently about fellow blogger Mark Zimmerman losing a friend.

If you read Blaine's post at Another Day, Another Run, you can read about how he mourned the loss of his earbuds "dying".

Losing a true friend is a true tragedy, but we get upset too when we lose a valuable tool or item that has helped keep up our momentum along the way. These posts underscore for me that we need to take more time to value the gifts we have in our lives. We take so many things for granted.

I recently "blew off" a run with some of my closest fitness friends. These are people who have supported one another through quite a bit of sorrow and joy. I need to learn not to "blow off" those opportunities and value all of the time that I have in life with these friends because they are special people.

So, when you get that text or phone call for a run or bike ride from one of your friends and you're tempted to decline, don't do it! Enjoy every moment we have together!